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Fright Room Productions was formed in 2006 by Joe Delfino and is now making its mark in the haunted house industry every Halloween. We specialize in creating fun and scary haunts as well as making props and decorations for haunts.

Our mission is simple but effective. Take an otherwise normal space and turn it into something different and frightening. Built on the basic principles of keeping things scary yet safe, our haunts never disappoint.

Are you interested in being part of our team?

Every year we have more people joining the Fright Room Productions team and it's for good reason! Our volunteers keep coming back becasue they have a blast scaring people in our haunts - and you can too! Contact us and we'll let you know all the gory details!

Working with the community and volunteers results in a great show that brings people together - and scares them at the same time!

Each haunt is carefully planned out and safety is our number one concern. We work closely with the local police and fire marshal to ensure the show is safe for the staff as well as the guests. Nothing is left to chance!